Open Balaton - even in autumn time


Special offer from 22. October to 2. November
All around the lake Balaton there will we be a special action to make the autumn season more attractive. What to do here? There’s everything one can wish to relax and enjoy his or her being here: local wine, the best season food, bicycling, children programs, Nordic walking, guided tours and so on.
Come and see between 22. October and 2. November the special offer of the area!
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Following programs

6-7th September, Vintage days: Handsome mounted hussar’s procession accompanied by majorettes and brass band. The wine yard owners, pickers with the barrels arrive on decorated carts. Freshly made scone and wine is to be offered to the guests. Concourse, music, dance, fun for four days.

27th September, II. Grill championship: encounter of trained professionals and experienced amateurs on the Echo hill. Steaks, chops and burgers, fish and vegetable toast on live coal. Tasting the food is possible, moreover recommended.

November 15-16., Garda festivalThis is the biggest autumn festival around the Balaton. The special kind of fish, the garda has its place even in the coat of arm of Tihany, because it was very important for the people to make a good catch of it. In November begins the swarming time of the garda. Today the Garda Festival revives the tradition of fishing.

Programs, events in 2014

Tihany is a settlement with a considerable past, where the traditions are still alive and the values of the past times are carefully protected. The festivals rest on the local traditions: on the culture of lavender and the fishing of a special kind of fish, named garda. The local authority and the Németh László Cultural House wait the visitors with a colourful program. The Benedictine Abbey and the Lavender House Visitor Centre organise a number of different programs as well.
We summarize the yearly selection of programs, but for the exact details, please, check on the landing page or in the events calendar.


Pocket Guide in Tourinform Office

You don't have smartphone? Rent a device in the Tourinform Office, and you can see Tihany's monuments. Price: 500 Ft/device Deposit: 3.000 Ft (that you get back)

The Outdoor Folk Museum is open again

The Outdoor Folk Museum (a.k.a. Skanzen) is open again. Visitors are welcome. The museum consist of two houses. The first one is the Smallholder's House. This house, with the unplastered basalt gables with the white windows frames and partially built-in porches. The second one is the Fishermen's House. This house is the last remaining example of a fishermen's guild house in the Balaton area. The guild meetings were held here and the emblematic objects of the guild were kept here.


Tihany, the treasure peninsula

Tihany’s mood
A special feeling of peace and traquility makes the being here so unique and precious. Experience the mood of the treasury peninsula by the new Tihany-movie!

From autumn to Spring
Where to stay? What to do inTihany? The booklet contains every services available int he low season. Tihany is the most spectacular place of the lake Balaton. The peninsula is deeply elongating into the Balaton, offering a very special view from every point. Tihany’s fame is based on it’s natural and historical sights. The calmness and silence offers a real asylum for those longing for recreation. In contempt of the significant tourism, saves traditions till the present days, preserving it’s unique ang rare character. The offer is diverse: those who are longing for recreation, the hikers and those who are interested is history and culture can find particular scenes and programmes here.